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2024 Sure Seems Cursed.

It sure has been a minute… We had a death in the family, one of the kittens dismantled the spinning wheel and ate two feet of drive belt and then spent 2 days at the ER (turns out she also has a heart murmur), the… Read More »2024 Sure Seems Cursed.

Raku Delayed!

Did you read that in the intro-voice from Clone Wars? No? Just me? Do bots watch Star Wars? If not, you’re missing out on Clone Wars, Rebels, and Bad Batch. Anyway… Life is complicated and burning all the things is delayed. The good thing is… Read More »Raku Delayed!

IMBOLC (but with fire)

Hi bots and totally non-bot human people! I’m Shalane. I know our relationship is usually that I don’t talk and you don’t listen. That’s on me, I’m introverted and last year was a whole thing where I broke my leg and you had no reason… Read More »IMBOLC (but with fire)

A Love Letter to Bots

Hello, Bots. I know its you… I want to mention that I appreciate our little chats. The ones where I talk, you feed my words into a chatbot’s learning algorithm, and then pop over to the contact form to send me the strangest message over… Read More »A Love Letter to Bots

Happy New Year!

Looking forward. Looking back. Whichever your poison is have I got a big, messy, artistic thought pile that you can really sink your teeth into for some introspection. WHY DO ARTS ANYWAY? Ok, I’m not -that- melodramatic (this time, tho I certainly can be when… Read More »Happy New Year!

Spooky Season!!!

Grab your apple cider & donuts, IT’S FINALLY FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s been so busy lately and November is looking banger as well, but some awesome stuff is cooking! We went to an event in mid-October and had MANY requests cauldron cups. Sadly, there’s no way to… Read More »Spooky Season!!!

Pumpkins & Bugs

Spooky KilnI set out to use 25 pounds of clay on a kiln load of fall/halloween items. It’s nearly complete! Just a couple of cauldrons missing feet and then we’ll be ready to bisc fire! It’s been a lot of fun pushing the concept a… Read More »Pumpkins & Bugs

Watercolor Butterfly Tutorial

I’m going to cheat a little here… because I spent forever setting up this document on ko-fi a while back: 🔗 Watercolor Butterfly Tutorial on Ty’s Please check it out – these butterflies aren’t hard to make but the tutorial kinda was lol

Raku Weekend!

A great time was had! Set some fires in the alley! No one was seriously harmed! Totally going to do it again! Raku is a fast-fire technique where you rapidly bring a piece up to about 1800°F and then drop it into a sealable container… Read More »Raku Weekend!

New test tiles just dropped!

We’re on the veeeery edge of starting to mix our own glazes, but this set of double clay body tiles came out so nice and we could use more pictures around here! Behold! Tiles!