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We are an independent group of artists, following the most recent whim with reckless abandon.

2024 Sure Seems Cursed.

It sure has been a minute… We had a death in the family, one of the k…

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Raku Delayed!

Did you read that in the intro-voice from Clone Wars? No? Just me? Do bots …

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IMBOLC (but with fire)

Hi bots and totally non-bot human people! I’m Shalane. I know our rel…

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A Love Letter to Bots

Hello, Bots. I know its you… I want to mention that I appreciate our …

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Happy New Year!

Looking forward. Looking back. Whichever your poison is have I got a big, m…

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Spooky Season!!!

Grab your apple cider & donuts, IT’S FINALLY FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I…

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